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WebCEO’s white label SEO platform has become a turnkey SEO business for digital agencies and software resellers

LONDON, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — WebCEO has relaunched its white-label SEO platform with powerful agency-level features, now allowing digital agencies and software vendors to run their own fully-customized SEO platforms on their own domains. with their own brand. They can resell their own SEO tools and reports with their own high prices and margins while taking advantage of the value-added digital marketing services they offer. It’s great value for small agencies and digital teams that don’t have an out-of-the-box software solution and in-house programming engineers.

back in March 2013, WebCEO introduced basic white-label domain functionality that allowed in-house SEO teams to run the WebCEO platform on their own domain, remove any mention of WebCEO, and brand the platform with the logo and the style of their business. It offered a minimal set of features for in-house SEO team collaboration, including a simple user manager, report builder, and FAQ guide sections. It was enough for small SEO teams.

Over the past years, WebCEO has collected valuable feedback and suggestions from digital agencies – to help them solve their daily challenges: missed deadlines, misassigned tasks, inefficiency, lost lead generation opportunities, etc.

From April 2019WebCEO offers state-of-the-art features now actively used by agencies:

  • Task manager with various features: assign tasks + create automatic tasks for specific issues found while scanning a website and set deadlines for different types of work to be done.
  • Advanced User Manager: This allows agency clients to do their own SEO work on their own projects with set limits on how often they can rank scans etc. Agencies can now offer a free trial of their SEO platform by adding time-limited users who can see the customization features.
  • Fully Customizable Consolidated Reports: These reports show an agency’s clients the SEO work done and the accomplishments. For each individual client, you can create a unique all-in-one report containing data from different SEO tools and reports powered by WebCEO. Once configured, you will never go back to sending reports manually.
  • Bulk actions feature (must have for any agency that manages hundreds of client sites): changes settings for many projects in a batch, such as setting scan limits and automated scanning or sending reports for several projects.
  • Lead generation button: now famous, this feature is appreciated by growing digital agencies. A button placed on an agency’s website will offer SEO audits to their site visitors, which are automatically generated and emailed through the agency’s mail server. It’s a great way to attract new customers and earn high margins.

Other advanced features of WebCEO’s revamped platform for SEO agencies and SEO teams include:

A mob interface and report translation wiki, document SEO API and Email Alerts.

As before, setting up WebCEO on your own domain requires no coding skills: it remains a fully customizable white-label SEO platform that can be used as a turnkey SEO business, allowing high margins for entrepreneurs who offer SEO services or want to resell SEO tools under your brand at their own price.

Mike Tortorice of Infront Webworks, a US-based digital agency, noted, “Many similar white-label SEO tools miss the mark when it comes to management overview. find a tool other than WebCEO that offers a specialized breakdown of appropriate website metrics and KPIs at a glance. For more information, please visit


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