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Starting a business in any field can be daunting. But to start a business in a booming field that has not yet gained a significant foothold in the public consciousness? It can be almost impossible. Impossible, unless you are Kevin Miller, whose tireless innovation has completely revitalized the way many businesses view SEO. Through a refined and thoughtful approach, he has helped many companies gain authority over net search results while preserving the brand and image of the said company. This alone is unprecedented, but it becomes commendable when we consider that this sweeping reorganization has occurred in just a few short years. Now you might be wondering, “Is this something I can do?” And the answer is. Yes. But we’re not going to lie to you, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of cunning, a lot of nerve and a lot of heart, but if you’re willing to go all the way. Then you might have what it takes to start your own SEO agency.

Identify the need

One of the most important aspects of starting a small business is identifying the needs of your customer base. In SEO terms which may seem straightforward at first, you’d be surprised at the twists and turns of this topic. But to get into it and understand the topic fully, we need to understand SEO first. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the technique that many companies use to get a search engine priority. This means that a well-optimized article or content will appear on the first page of your favorite search engine. Some companies would benefit from a top-down reorganization of their SEO to increase their traffic. But this is the larger and simpler version of the help. The subject becomes more thorny when you realize that some companies need more minor adjustments. This can become a cat-and-mouse game for some customers, as some may be reluctant to change. However, your client will quickly see the difference an SEO agency can make to their general discourse through careful reassurance and results.

Build your base

You have therefore proven yourself with your first customers and everything is going well. Your customers are so happy with your work that they start recommending you to others. Soon word of mouth spreads and new customers are pouring in the doors looking for your specific brand of digital clarity. At first glance, it’s awesome. More customers means more money, right? Good. You’re right, but you could be in big trouble if you don’t have the staff to handle that volume. This is why it is essential to grow your business along with increasing your customer base. Anyone who’s spent five minutes in an Arby’s knows that the customer is king, and if your business can’t serve them enough and on time. So unfortunately my friend your business is dead in the water. Do not worry ! Alas, there is a solution, and that is to create a team of independent contractors who handle the creation of content for your business. This delegates the workings of SEO, giving you free time to focus more on the administrative side of your business. It makes your customers happy because now your productivity is increasing exponentially! And due to the nature of a contract employee, you can commission them at the rate you choose, which means your employee count is now fully scalable for your customer count! This gives your business the flexibility to stay competitive and, most importantly, profitable as you navigate the ups and downs of starting your startup.

Working the whale

So now that you have a cache of customers and a swarm of employees, you’re starting to feel pretty good. You make positive numbers, the jobs are stable, but you start to notice something. This positive tilt in your business growth curve is starting to become unthinkable. It’s starting to level off! What to do? You are in the most important test of every fledgling business. The only thing that will really take your business to the next level. This thing that is inalienably simple but incredibly elusive. What element are we talking about? Well, pack a whale from a customer of course. Every business needs to grow, but the makeover between a small business and a midsize business can be excruciating. Without meaningful growth, a business is doomed to failure. Tackling the largest customer base you can serve is a must for any SEO agency. Bringing home a client like this is an important symbol that says you are here to stay! It not only means to others that you are a force to be reckoned with. But increasing your market capitalization will open up a lot of opportunities for your business in the future. Success breeds success, and crass as that sounds, it is true. Everyone wants to harness their horse to the winning horse.

Starting a business is a challenge. The hours are brutal, the costs are high, and it takes passion and great endurance for the pain to work. Now, in the context of a newer field like SEO? Take everything I just said and double it up. Because that’s what it takes to build a successful SEO agency. You have to have the courage to pull yourself out of it, and let me tell you that challenging it is an unenviable task. But to those who are willing to put in the time and work. To those who will sacrifice anything to get what they want. For those who can dig deep, bite their tongue, and run that extra mile. The success that awaits you on the other side of the struggle is incredible. It’s a joy like no other, and we can’t wait to see you on the other side.

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