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What REALLY works in SEO [Podcast]

It is possible that what works in SEO today is not what you think. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about keywords and keyword research – although they certainly are useful! Today, almost everything works differently, and we’re here to find out why.

Craig Campbell, Glasgow’s top SEO expert, joined me on this episode of the SEJ Show for a candid discussion of what REALLY works in SEO right now, including a discussion of abandoned domains, domain leasing , PBNs, link building, YouTube, TikTok and other media that Google loves!

There are plenty of domain names out there that don’t carry a personal brand, and you could turn them into a great money making website one way or another. Whether it’s affiliate or e-commerce, it really doesn’t matter. A website is a website. –Craig Campbell, 29:24

I don’t even see people going to the Wayback machine to recreate all of your videos. A lot of people slap any old URLs and new URLs and stuff like that. What they don’t do is do the basics right. You have to turn that back on. It’s basically run out of gas, the website. You gotta turn it back on –Craig Campbell, 31:23

If you ever feel like you have impostor syndrome and know nothing about SEO, go to a room where no one knows anything about SEO. They will all ask you questions because you will be validated immediately. –Loren Baker, 12:38

[00:00] – A bit about Craig and his YouTube channel.
[04:28] – What is Craig’s main objective?
[05:55] – How many sites did Craig launch before finding two profitable ones?
[13:22] – How does it feel to be the only SEO in the room?
[17:03] – What are expired domains?
[30:59] – What NOT to do when buying abandoned domains.
[37:18] – The best way to approach expired domains.
[50:39] – Does Craig notice anything in the middle of this content update?
[55:38] – How important are domain authority ratings and other metrics in inbound links?
[58:04] – Does Craig ever watch Majestic?

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As a general rule, what I would do with any website I buy is reuse it. I might not keep the exact model and look of the images, but what I would do is recreate, going through all the URLs that have links pointing to them, I would recreate those URLs. I would put the content back on the Wayback machine and keep the website as close to where it was initially just to start ranking again for some of the terms it had. Then the link equity starts to come back. –Craig Campbell, 10:00 p.m.

I’m not just looking at the domain name. I look at the number of outbound links. I look at the number of keywords that are ranking on this website. I look at the referring domains. I look at a bunch of other quality checks, and I think this part is what these guys are missing. –Craig Campbell, 32:38

Take the time to invest in an idea. It can be a local product, a global product, a $500 product, or even a $20 product, and you just have to do it right and get it out there. Who knows, you might get hooked, and you might, if you’re like Mr. Craig Campbell here, be able to flip it for 50x. His monthly income is fantastic. –Loren Baker, 1:01:19

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